We are currently working on a variety of projects as a youth climate organization. Read below and check out our events page to learn more!


Adopt a District

The “Earth Bill” is a piece of legislation being put together by a team at Climate Crisis Policy Digest. It is a compilation of legislation that would effectively prevent any future federal administration from reversing the policy, which would keep the bill standing in the future. With a Democratic President and majority Democratic Congress, the goal is to pass the bill through Congress and get it voted into law by the end of 2022, to ensure that we have a chance at passing it.

The role of youth in this process is to create grassroots mobilization and lobbying efforts across the country to pressure each state’s representatives into supporting the bill. To do this, youth across the country will be in charge of “adopting” their representative district and leading coordinated lobbying and protest efforts for their local officials. Fridays for Future NYC will be spearheading this effort, and will provide all “adopters” with the resources they need to be successful, including lobbying training and more.


Climate Speaker Series

The Climate Speaker Series is a series of webinars hosted once a month by Fridays for Future NYC where professional environmentalists, scientists, and climate activists share their experiences and knowledge with the general public.  

Previous speakers include climate lawyer Etelle Higonnet, epidemiologist Vijay Limaye, the former Minister of Environment of the Republic of Panama, Emilio Sempris, and scientists from NOAA and the NRDC.